Our Story

HELLO! My name is Cambri Rolfes & I am the face and the brains behind Frankie Dee. I have wanted to own my own boutique since I was a sophomore in high school after a lifetime of loving clothing, fashion design, retail, & the good ol' small business attitude! I went to school for business at the University of Nebraska at Omaha where I found amazing friends & learned that school was just not where I was called to be! So I dropped out the summer before my sophomore year and went full steam ahead on getting a business up and running from the ground up. 

After renovating the truck we bought from a sprinkler company, going to market to shop for inventory, and getting all of the little bits & pieces of the business figured out, we launched on October 8, 2022. Since then, this little business of mine has definitely been a learning curve, but my friends, family, and everyone else that has come to support me have kept me going in this adventure. 

As of now, I will be mainly selling out on the road at different pop-up events and private parties. Stay tuned as I learn & grow, and as Frankie Dee grows into everything I could possibly dream of. 

I feel forever blessed with the opportunities ahead of me and thank the Lord everyday for all he has provided and everything in store for me & Frankie :)

XOXO, Cambri